Continuing on the theme of the last post, it’s been a while since I updated the site - four years this time!

I can’t even say much has happened in the interim; life trudges on as it always does. Snake-A-Roid has had slow and steady progress, but it is still not ready yet. We’re aiming to try and get it out the door by the end of the year on Steam and itch, however.

We’re also finishing up on updating Germies a little bit, to get it ready for the Google Play store; reimplementing the Achievements and Leaderboard support it had from when it was running with and throwing it up as an ad-supported freebie. It’s being wrapped in Apache’s Cordova framework, so I should be able to push out binaries for the desktop platforms too.

It’s also not quite ready yet - funny that! - but I have been testing builds through Google Play, and it’s much closer to the finish line that Snake-A-Roid is. I’m hoping this will be out soon.

We’ll update again when it’s ready, with all the relevant links… this was more to show we are still active!