Hello, Badger-peoples!

Today, we’ve released our first finished game - Germies! You may be wondering, “Haven’t you already released that back in January?” and you’d be right in thinking that… so get comfortable as I’ve quite a tale to tell!

Back in January, we created a prototype of Germies! for the One Game A Month event. Amusingly, it ended up being the last Game A Month we did. That didn’t last long! But I digress, we released it and it went well. One thing that bugged us was that it was just a prototype - it was incomplete, buggy, and had some horrendous controls. So, we started pulling it apart to it’s core concepts, and rebuilding it as the Germies! we’ve released today. We’ll be keeping up the prototype for your amusement to see how things have changed since… I’m sure you’ll agree, that the new version is much better!

Today also marks a historic moment in that we are now officially a company! Ok, so we incorporated back in the tail end of April, and “technically” began trading last Friday… but we had nothing to trade with until now, so henceforth, the 12th of July will be Badger Day.

Now, what’s next? We start porting it to every platform we can get our mitts on, of course! That, and start work on Game #2. We’ve a couple of internal prototypes of things, so it’ll likely be one of them.

Until then, go play Germies! You can find it over on clay.io, or click the image below, with Leaderboards and Achievements for bragging rights.

Go Play Germies!