So, 2015 rolls around soon and it’s about time the Badgers started on something new.

There’s four projects that that could potentially be. As such, I think perhaps have some prototyping in January is in order, to see which one will work best.

A brief run down of the projects are as follows:

Germies. Yes, Germies again. The original version seemed to have been better received than we originally thought, as looking at the Flurry stats show a reasonable amount of people playing. We had a bunch of ideas that didn’t make the initial version, so let’s have another stab at it, and bring it to more platforms.

derelict_ Another Ludum Dare prototype of mine. This time a turn-based strategy in the vein of Space Crusade, Incubation, X-Com et al. Squad-based, but with some roguelike elements thrown in to the mix.

Dungeon Cards. A new one this. A take on the usual dungeon crawler mixed with a collectible card game. Not much else to say about that just now!

Yargh! Ah yes, Yargh! Almost as infamous as my Tiny Critters and Little Quirks in being started and stopped now… however, it’s on the possible next project list. Again, a Ludum Dare prototype, but expanded upon a great deal. Think of The Bitmap Brother’s original Z, but with pirates, and you’re about half way there.

So the plan is to build a quick prototype each week, and see how far we get with it. If one of them shows more promise, that’s what we’ll stick with.

Each week, I’ll write up a bit about how each prototype fared, what the major part that was focused on was, if it worked, and it’s chances of being the next main project.

That’s the plan, anyway…