So, there was a little accident.

Seems that I managed to lose the repository with all the Octopress code to run the site… so I have had to piece together bits and bobs from the current running site with a fresh install of Jekyll to try and get back on track.

How did this happen?

Seems that I forgot to actually push the changes to the code repository.. so nothing was backed up, and when I went to reinstall Windows ( and had untold fun with the special Windows 10 Nightmare Edition ) I of course formatted my drive and lost the work.

Makes you wonder how I manage to get things done at times.

Speaking of which, we’ve resurrected one of the oldest projects we have kicking around - Tiny Critters. This is ten years old… it was started while I was at University and never finished. It was restarted a few times, but little progress was really made. There’s even design docs for a sequel and a spin-off game! Thankfully, getting something up and running in GameMaker was fairly quick, and minus a few bugs and a missing feature, the core game is effectively there. Perhaps I’ll finish it this time.

We shall see.