It’s been a while since I updated the site - two years in fact.

During that time, we took part in Low Rez Jam 2018 and 2019. We missed the 2020 jam as we were moving house at the time, and that was somewhat more important!

So, for Low Rez Jam 2018, we did Pixel Beard. A rogue-like, mini game filled, chunky pixel pirate thing. It did well, even with being soundless, and is something we’d like to go back to.

For Low Rez Jam 2019, we did Low Rez Fish’n. This was built from scratch in C, and then ran through Emscripten to generate an HTML5 build. We’ve also ported it to various other platforms internally, and stripped down the engine to be reusable for other things. Still no sound, though!

This year, we’ve done nothing! Well, not quite. We moved house. Which has been quite the adventure given the current covid situation, so it has drained us a lot more than usual. There are ideas of what to do though. We still have bits of a few games sitting about that could do with being finished off and released, and we’ve a small collection of jam games that could be polished up too.

With any luck, we’ll manage to eek something out by the end of the year, but we are certainly in a better position to start something, now we have dedicated space, and no longer have to work off the kitchen table. At any rate, we are excited to get started-no.. finishing something! Anything!