Week 3 is pretty much up and well… Dungeon Card Adventures didn’t even get a look in!

It’s been a rough and exhausting week, and I haven’t really been able to find any time to work on it, so it didn’t get done. Which is a shame as the design for it shows some promise.

Effectively, it’s a light “coffee break” roguelike of sorts. Whereas derelict is more the hardcore roguelike idea, Dungeon Card Adventures is for those quick five minutes. Pick an adventurer from your deck, and start pulling out rooms. Some rooms will ask you to draw loot, some monsters, or some equipment. It’s up to you as to how far into the dungeon you go - you can stop at any time and reshuffle your deck - but your adventurers wont level up unless you smack the boss at the end. Each adventurer can hold two item cards - usually armour and a weapon, or two weapons if you’re feeling particularly brave/bloodthirsty - which are static throughout that dungeon run. And again, to keep your loot, that boss needs a-smacking!

The idea was you start with one solitary adventurer, but can build a party of up to 4, so that for the harder dungeon decks, you’ve got some backup. Each deck would contain creatures and items ideal for a specific level, and more could be added later if need be… or you could start a brand new party/solitary adventurer and bring them up the ranks from scratch.

So yea, a somewhat open-ended collectible card-like rogue-like thing…

I want to do it… but it looks like finding the time isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Next week I’m supposed to look at prototyping Yargh! We’ll see if I even get round to opening the folder of assets!