Oh well, self-fulfilling prophecy and all that! No I didn’t get to even look at some of the Yargh! resources, nor even really open up GameMaker at all ( well, for Badger work anyway ) the past week or so.

Either way, let’s do as we did with the others; a bit of background and an explanation of where it could go.

Yargh! is another Ludum Dare experiment. It’s idea was to distil the core of an RTS down to a simple formula. Giving a fair nod to Z by The Bitmap Brothers, it was to be a quick land-grab style game - ignoring most of the base-building resource management side that although I myself certainly enjoy at times, it can make RTSs quite difficult to get into, especially if you’re not used to it from the outset. Therefore, the idea was to basically have ships, men, mines, forts and gold. Gold buys men and ships, forts make men and ships, mines make gold. Grab the mines, get the gold, plunder the forts, load up the ships, then go grab the islands or beat up the enemy! You win by grabbing all the islands, or capturing all enemy captains. Simple!

As it’s an RTS at heart still, it’s reliant on some sort of pointing device - mouse or touch screen for instance. A standard controller just won’t cut it.

We do want to go back to Yargh! as we think it will be quite fun.. it’s just finding the time to do it - as with everything else.. though that was partly what this was all about; deciding which one of the backlog of ideas and prototypes we have to go forward with… in the short term, I think that’ll be Derelict. But, of course, it’s finding the time to do it.

Life can be such fun like that, never giving you a break to do what you want or need to do!