Ok so since the last post, we’ve actually released two games - three if you want to count Snake-A-Roid in it’s two variants.

These are Sploosh! and the aforementioned Snake-A-Roid.

Sploosh! was a LowRezJam 2016 entry, and did relatively well. It evoked a Gameboy style in both sound and graphics, and was a nice little game, we thought. It’s something we’d like to go back to - but we have a habit of saying that for most things, so will see how time pans out.


Snake-A-Roid was originally for the Ludum Dare MiniLD 67 jam. It also did quite well and Octopi poked me further and I carried on with it, tidied it up, and officially released it as a paid title at the beginning of the month. Snake-A-Roid, as it’s title suggests, is a fusion of Asteroids and Snake, and has no right for working as well as it does. I kept the Asteroids wire-frame aesthetic, added a crunchy chiptune soundtrack, a bunch of power-ups ( and a general speed up from the original MiniLD version ) and it’s playing mighty well. We do have plans on porting this to other platforms. At the moment, it’s Windows only, but I aim to change that in the coming months.

Oh, and Octopi has updated the logo a bit, which is all fancy!

And that’s that!

We did do some other experiments in the mean time. For example, we started on another little puzzle game - Grubs - as well as tried to also take part in the 1-Bit Jam. Sadly, that didn’t quite work out, but have ended up with a solid idea to attempt later.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to update the site a bit more often, and get some more games out this year.

For now, go play Sploosh! and support us with Snake-A-Roid!