So we made a bit of a mistake… we released Snake-A-Roid a bit too early. Steven was a bit too excited after breaking a two year creative brick wall with Sploosh! and then Snake-A-Roid Jam Edition, that the Commerical Edition went out without much in the way of fanfare. Oops.

Now we’ve finished licking our wounds, we’re back on track with Snake-A-Roid 2.0

This will be a free update to existing owners ( all two of you, at time of writing ) and will bump the price up on launch, to $5. So if you don’t have it yet and like the looks of it, you may want to grab it now.

So, what is in the 2.0 update?

  • Ten End of Arena bosses
  • A Boss Run mode - with an additional boss
  • An “Arcade Extra” mode - giving you control of when to activate up to two power-ups
  • Linux and Mac support
  • Reconfigurable Controls
  • Eleven new music tracks
  • Redesigned UI
  • Various little tweaks to the Arenas

Currently this is pencilled in to be released August 2017 and we will be showing it off at the 4TG Game Con 2017 in Aberdeen this July. ( You can find more details at: 4TheGamers )

And here’s what we should’ve done and released last August… a trailer for Snake-A-Roid in it’s current form!

You can watch this on YouTube.

And in other news, since this post was actually written last month, but not published… Steven took part in the 1-Bit Clicker Jam ( and almost missed out due to Chrome having a small hiccup at submission time… )

Claire did some graphics ( the nice ones ) to compliment Steven’s ( the bad ones ) who also did the code over about 20 hours throughout the week.

It’s an idea we’ve had for quite a while, and this seemed like as good a time as any to poke at it. It’s also the first game in GameMaker Studio 2 that we’ve done, and it worked out well, we think.

The game’s a bit rough round the edges after being hastily thrown together, but it does show some promise.. might be one to return to once Snake-A-Roid 2.0 is out the door.

Click the logo to have a look.

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