I took part ( sortof ) in Ludum Dare 38 this year. You probably didn’t see our game though… it didn’t get submitted. It wasn’t finished in time; and technically still isn’t but most of the extreme bugs have been ironed out by now.

Pocket Planets

I came up with Pocket Planets, a lunchtime-style 4X RTS game. Meant to be played so that entire games are done during a lunch break, but with enough depth to properly honour the 4X masters. That was the theory anyway, and as the notes within the source YYZ show, this didn’t quite come to plan, and panic set in during the competition. It was effectively restarted at one point as well, which didn’t help matters.

That said, it’s an interesting something, even in it’s current state. It’s also interesting in that the exported project will load up in the Trial version of GameMaker Studio 2, so that should give people another thing to poke at that isn’t just the official YoYo Games examples.

You can currently grab it over on our itch.io account: http://arcadebadgers.itch.io